Policy Statements

A message from Theresa Walsh

As I have talked with voters over the last few months, we have discussed my position on various issues, and now I want to share those positions with all voters in District 1. I will post policy statements to my website over the upcoming months concerning water, housing, election integrity, border concerns, and other issues of concern.  As you see me at various events, please let me know what issues are important to you or email me at walshforsupervisor@gmail.com.  Thank you for your time and interest in Cochise County’s future.

Election Integrity

      Election Integrity 3-17-24  (PDF)

Regardless of what is said by certain elements of the public,  Arizona and Cochise County has secure, fair and accurate elections.  When we speak of election integrity let's not forget that. Every eligible citizen in Cochise County has the right to vote and to know that their vote was counted as cast, no matter how they exercise that right by mail or in person at a polling center.  Read more